Friday, August 23, 2013

fun finds friday - disney inspiration

It's Friday y'all and I am about to do my happy dance!!!! FFF is back so enjoy! ;) 

I have decided to do a Disney themed FFF and I am super excited. 

(and might I add, my birthday is November 10th and Christmas isn't too far away... so yea ;)

Mulan T-Shirt
Ok - this is fab-u-lous. Mulan is one of my all time favorite Disney movies and this is super cute!

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Peter Pan Quote Art
I love love love Peter Pan. I just do and these pretty little things are so perfect. 

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Beauty and the Beast Inspired Rose Bookmark
Books. Rose. Classy. Enough said.
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The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Now, the book is NOT like the movie but I love this beauty.
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Brave Inspired Bracelets
My newest love. Curly, redheaded heroine - I'm always a fan.
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Hercules Inspired "Goddess" Headband
Who doesn't love the beautiful and sassy goddesses in Hercules! This gold (and fabulous) headband is stunning. 
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The Emperor's New Groove
Llama nail art. I mean, really... do I need to say more!!!
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Remember the Titans
I love a cute, graphic tank
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Aladdin Genie Lamp
Ok, so this maybe pretty useless but I mean it's pretty rad ;)

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Homeward Bound - Doorbell Cover
This is my sister-in-laws favorite movie, so I had to add this. Plus, it's super cute.
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Cool Runnings Quote
For my sister and because this movie in amazing.
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