Thursday, July 11, 2013



A friend of mine, Meghan, is having a vinyl monogram giveaway! All you have to do is comment on her blog and tell her what you would want them for!! 

You should also "Follow" her because her blog is super cute!!! 

I'll make it even MORE special, if you enter and follow her page, come back here and comment that you did so and I will put your name in for a small "Favorite Things" gift basket! Whoop whoop! 

You have until Monday to enter hers! And mine will be through the 22nd of July!!

Rules For ML Giveaway: 
1. You have to follow one of the four ways to enter. You are only required to do one! :)
2. Comment that you have done so.
3. Be a dear and share on Social Media!! Blog, Twitter, Facebook... keep it going!
4. Do the happy dance cause you may win something!! (For real, dance! ;)
5. Find us on Pinterest!
Me & Meghan

Oh and "like" my photography page to make me feel special ;) Button is on the top right or click link.  
(not official rule but would be nice ;)

You can get up to four entries!!!
1. For following us both
2. Entering Meghan's giveaway
3. Posting on Twitter (must comment with screen name)
4. Blogging it!

. For my giveaway, you must claim within 48 hours. 

If you win the basket, please note - not everything on my list will be in the basket. Prize value around $25. Shipping only in South Carolina included - must provide shipping if outside SC.

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