Wednesday, June 19, 2013

make your own travel map

For Christmas last year, my sister got this AWESOME personalized travel map from her in-laws. I LOVED it but I wasn't a fan of the price tag :(. Since the main squeeze and I just got back from a big trip together, I figured I would make my own. 

I ordered my map from I spent probably an hour trying to pick one but I figured since they weren't that expensive I could always change my mind in the future. This is the one I got. As you can see, I paid $8.99 for it and it ended up being $14 with shipping. (I will add, USPS was not kind to my first map and it was slightly damaged. I contacted AllPosters and they had another one in the mail THAT DAY. There customer service is awesome!!)

Next, I hit up Hobby Lobby with my 40% off coupon and bought a cork board that was 36x24 (the same size as the poster). After the discount, I paid around $9! I also bought some  Scotch 3M Spray Mount Spray Adhesive ($16 at Office Depot or you can use a different brand just make sure it is safe for posters/thin paper!). 

I was off to work! It took about 2 days because of drying, but the actual application part was about 10 minutes! I was actually able to most of it by myself but the main squeeze had to help me hang it. :) 

Here was what I did.

1. I rolled out my poster and laid the cork on it overnight to help flatten the poster. 

2. I took the adhesive and sprayed one edge of the cork to use as my starting point. (photo #3)

3. After I secured the first edge and practiced rolling out the map a few times, I sprayed the entire board with the adhesive to build a "base coat."

4. Next, I started to slowing unroll the map, spraying more adhesive on the map/board as I went. 

5. As I was rolling, I started to smooth out all the bumps and bubbles. I used the box the poster came in - it was the right height and worked well!

6. I spent about 5 minutes continuing to smooth out the poster and the make sure it was sticking.

7. I let it dry in front of a fan overnight. 

8. I added our pins and screwed it to the wall! (bought mine for $8 off Amazon)

Ta da!! All for a total of $47!! 

It would have been cheaper if I would have used a different adhesive or at least a coupon but that's ok! 

I also used a Sharpie to color the tops of certain pins to designate where I have been, where the main squeeze has been, and where we have been together!

Here are some photos!

I know it clashes with my table stuff, I am in the process of fixing that ;)


  1. Very cute! What a great idea!!! I might steal it. :)