Friday, June 21, 2013

fun finds friday!

I've slacked the last few weeks but here is another Fun Finds! <3

"There's No Place Like Home" Pillow
So, I love my Cairn Terrier, pillows, and things with words on them. I ADORE THIS. At $25 - I think it's a steal!

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Signature Necklace
It's a wee bit pricey (like $200!), but this company takes a signature and makes it into a necklace! What!? I would love one in my dad's handwriting that says "I love you" - wonder if they do that?! (Hey Vincent - get on that! Birthday idea!!!!!)

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Mission Belt
The Main Squeeze and I saw this on Shark Tank a while ago and he ordered one. I mean is it weird to say someone LOVES a belt!? Well who cares! Vincent LOVES this belt. No holes, genuine leather, and super stylist. It's ah-mazing. Plus every belt sold, they give a dollar to help fight poverty and hunger. Say what?! They are $35 but they are worth it.

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Fondue Cups
For the fatty in me. I love the Melting Pot and these convenient little cups would be pretty rad to have ;) $15 isn't a bad price!

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Temporary Hair Dye Pastels
Won't lie. I bought these. They were $16 with a coupon and free shipping so I figured what they hey. My bestie is coming in from St. Louis for the 4th so if these suckers come in we are going to have a blast ;)
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"Home" Shirt
I lurv this "Home" shirt. I think it's especially great if you live in a different state and want to represent your home state ;) They have all the states and are $25!

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Have a great weekend!

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