Wednesday, June 19, 2013

15 ways the main squeeze and I are different

So my very best friend did this post on her blog today (originally by The Pioneer Woman) and I was like - "yea - so doing this."

Photo by Ashley Goodwin Photography

I will be the first to say the main squeeze and I are pretty much opposites but I loved having to put together a list for it! So here goes!!

1. He loves watching sports (especially the Braves)
     I love watching kids movies and reality TV.

2. He is a numbers person and he is crazy good at it.
     I literally have to ask what 6x4 or 15-8 is (in all fairness I got As & Bs in school - I just don't like math!)

3. He is hot natured. As in he can wear boxers and a t-shirt  year round.
     I can never feel my toes

4. He is a very quiet, private, and reflective person.
     I am loud and never shut up

5. He is a sexy Italian - that tans.
     I am a porcelain doll - that burns.

6. He wears very preppy and classic clothes.
     I am very eclectic. Patterns, colors, chunky jewelry... 

7. He hates cucumbers
     I love them

8. He will read EVERY marker at a museum
     I just like to glace at the object/exhibit and I'm good

9. He is usually pretty calm, cool, and collected
      I'm usually overly dramatic, emotional, and blunt

10. He is an older sibling
       I am a younger sibling

11. He isn't big on reading
       Reading is my escape

12. He doesn't like picking out presents but doesn't mind paying. Which is good because...
       I love buying presents!

13. He is musically inclined
       I'm a better singer

14. Vincent doesn't mind "roughing it" (he was a Marine after all!)
        I'm a germaphobe that can't stand being outside for too long

15. He "goes-with-the-flow"
       I make iteneraries

What about you and your special someone? What are y'alls differences?  Comment with your link <3


  1. This is such a neat idea for a post!! My husband was (or is..once a marine, always a marine) a Marine too! We both wish we were musical/artistic...sadly we are neither! :-/ I was trying to think about what to I could write, and I think my husband and I are more alike than different though... ;-/ Super cute idea!

    1. You can totally do how you are alike! I did today:

      If you do it, shoot me a comment! I wanna see :)