Thursday, June 20, 2013

15 ways the main squeeze and I are alike

Yesterday I did a post about how the main squeeze and I are different, and even though we are very opposite, we surprisingly have a ton in common. I think it's important to appreciate the differences and the similarities. So here goes!

1. We are both Christians

2. We both have VERY similar political views - from abortion to gay & women rights to military affairs - we see pretty much eye to eye.

3. We both want 2 kids. We are open to more but at least two and would like them within 2 years of each other. (I'm 13 months younger than my sister and he is 2 years older than his sister - so we want them to be close)

4. We both love fast cars. Our next car will most likely be a 6-speed SS Camaro.

5. We love action movies

6. We are both pretty great chefs. I cook more than he does, but when he gets in front of the stove he pulls out all the stops!

7. We absolutely, almost to a pathetic point, love our two dogs. 

8. We are very close to both of our families

9. We love to travel.

10. We love history - we enjoy museums, visiting places of government, and historic landmarks

11. Both of our dads have passed away but we have 2 awesome step-dads that we adore

12. We almost always agree with it other on big investments - new bed, travel, electronics, guns, etc. 

13. We are more text than call people. Or we'd rather sit face to face and talk. We both agree that social media is the best and worst thing in society today. 

14. We both agree on the "old fashion" gender roles. The man should be the bread-winner and the woman takes care of the kids and house. I was raised by a strong, working mom who raised me to be a strong independent woman. I have nothing against women working outside the house or being the primary provider - it's just not what I want. (I do work now and plan to stop when we have kids, but will keep up with my photography - just FYI ;)

15. We love each other. We drive each other crazy and push the wrong buttons but at the end of the day, we adore each other (**cue awwwwws**)


  1. How long have you two been married, if you don't mind my asking? :)

    It's good to see ladies who are thankful for what God's given them. Too often, we complain, and I am certainly one of the latter. ;)

    1. We have been married 5 years this month :)

      Glad you enjoyed the post!! :)