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The drive from Rotorua to Wellington was tough. Long curvy roads, 100 kph (which is 62.14 mph! ugh), small towns, and two-lane highway. What I found cool and interesting was every so often you would see these signs with little picnic tables on them and that would direct you to a little spot to pull over. I thought it was cool… Vincent didn’t since it mean more photos! I brought a tripod after all! It was a spectacular thing though – to see a country from the top to bottom. I loved all the little towns we drove through.

We spent a few days in Wellington and even though it was raining, we had a great time. We did a full-day Lord of the Rings tour one day and I will have that for you in another post.

Our first night we went and saw Iron Man 3 at the Embassy. The Return of the King and The Hobbit premires were held at this theatre so I was pretty excited. It was by far the nicest theatre I have ever been in.

We decided to do a tour of Weta Workshop – they are the special effect group that did movies like the LOTR, Avatar, Iron Man, Avengers, and The Chronicles of Narnia. Weta has become the TOP company for special effects around the world which is why the nickname “Wellywood” is catching on. No photos were allowed but if you ever get to go to Wellington, take this tour! It is amazing and priced really well!

Side note: Just so you know, Weta is named after a bug native to NZ.  

We took a tour of Parliament – yea dorky, I know. But it was actually very cool. The buildings are absolutely stunning and the interior is beyond words. It was almost like being in a castle than a place of government (the comb looking building and granite building are buildings of Parliament - I forgot to add the library) 

We went to Cuba Street which is known for its boutique shops and food. I got any awesome sweater and pair of pants!

Lastly, before heading to Taupo, we went to the waterfront. It’s stunning.

I’d like to point out that about 75% of these were taken with a point and shoot camera (not my big dSLR) – that just shows how pretty Wellington is!!

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