Wednesday, May 29, 2013

sulfur city

(pronouned row-toe-rue-ah)

We didn’t leave Matamata/Hobbiton until 7:30PM so we didn’t get to our hotel in Rotorua until almost 9. Right when we got out of the car, we understood why Rotorua is called Sulfur City – oh that smell!! It took us by surprise every time we got out of the car!

We started out the next day at the Skyline. After a beautiful gondola ride up the mountain, we decided to try out the Luge. To be honest, I thought it was a little bit pricey (like everything else in the country) but since it was the first luge in the world we figured why not.

It. Was. Awesome. The track was nice and long, plus we were the only ones going down so we could go as fast as we wanted. So glad we did it! I have a photo that they took so once I get a sec, I will scan it in and share! The first b&w photo shows the luge itself and the one after shows us riding the lift back up after we rode down. 

Next we decided to do a wine tasting with Volcanic Hills Winery. The wine was awesome and the server was great company. Lastly, we went to the buffet. There was a great selection of hot and cold food and a ton of desserts! Plus, the view was amazing. 

Next we did the OGO. It was by far the coolest thing we did in Rotorua. It was like a roller coaster mixed with a water slide. Basically, they stick you inside this hamster ball, add some water, and send you down a zig-zag track. We were cracking up the whole way down and bought the photos and video. It was so much fun! We originally were going to do the Zorb but the OGO track was so much better!

Lastly, that night we headed to the Rotorua Night Market. Such a cool experience and a great way to feel like you are IN a city. We bought Hokey Pokey Chocolate. Hokey Pokey ice cream is a NZ favorite so we had to try the chocolate and icecream. We were kinda “meh” about it but slowly became addicted! Such a great little treat!  

The last two photos are from our drive to Wellington which is the next post!

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