Thursday, May 30, 2013


Lord of the Rings Tour

So, this post will be a little different because I will have a comment under most of the photos explaining them. Just thought it would be easier that way!

We did the tour with Movie Tours because their price was better and they feed you lunch! Our tour guide, Alice, was awesome. She knew a ton about the movies, filming, and the general Wellington knowledge. She was also very funny and straight to the point - my kind of gal!

It was a two part tour (morning and afternoon) and so we just did the whole day. In the morning there were only 4 of us (Vincent being the only guy) and the afternoon was full of couples. 

With out any more jibber-jabber, here are the photos! And believe it or not, there are MANY more. I just picked the best and coolest! Yay!

(side note: I'm not a LOTR total nerd, so I may not have ALL the info correct... plus it was a lot of info!!.... please feel free to correct me in the comments)

This is the quarry where they created the sets for Helm's Deep and Minas Tirith (the grass above those signs). It is literally off the side of a major road. Alice said since the movies were all filmed before the first one was released, no one cared about the filming. She said most people in Wellington blew it off as another "crazy Peter Jackson movie" --- boy were they wrong. By the time people realized how big it was, the sets were torn down. The photo she is holding was taken by a journalist that was hiding in the trees (right of the photo). 
This was in a park in Wellington that was used for Isengard. The two scenes here are when , in the Fellowship of the Rings, Gandalf rides into Isengard and the other was when the two wizards were talking about the gardens. Alice then pulled out two giant sticks and made us walk.... 
Pretty easy to tell. This is the scene after Aragorn falls off the cliff fighting an Orc and washes up on shore. The scene in the movie is the first and only usable take because the horse wouldn't re-do the scene. Since Vincent was the only guy, I made him lie down... Such a good sport!
This river was used in a deleted scene. It's where Faramir sees Boromir's dead body floating down the river. So sad, so we took a photo of us! ;) Doesn't it look all King Kong behind us?! (also shot in NZ)
These are in Rivendell. Such a beautiful park. Again, since Vincent was the only boy, Alice made him dress up as Legolas. The "shot" was never in the movie but this photo was used for promotion stuff. 
Not an official symbol of NZ, but the silver fern is a widely recognized  and used in NZ. 
proof that I am taller than a Hobbit ;)
super cool swing bridge in the park with Rivendell
The Embassy Theatre - Return of the King and The Hobbit's world premieres were here. 
In another deleted scene, Sam and Frodo are chilling in a tree right after they leave the Shire. So here ya go ;)
The wonderful volunters! Right behind them is the hill and "cliff" the hobbits fell down running from the farmer in the Fellowship.
The tree has been removed (since it was fake) but this is the "hole" that the hobbit's hid in when the Nazgul was after them. Look at Vincent's award winning performance! ;)
The next photo will explain! ;)
Ok, so that's the "spot" where the Nazgul passed while searching for the hobbits. And yes, those three boy made that awesome horse (and it was just as awkward in person as in photos)
ALL of the post production for the LOTR and Hobbit movies in done here. 
Weta is the special effects company that worked on the LOTR and many other movies. This is there little shop/museum.
Bilbo Baggin's feet
Ack! The trolls!!!

 OK, so it was weird at first because it was ONLY landscapes and after doing Hobbiton it was kinda "meh" but it was still pretty good. Alice had videos and photos to help make the experience come to life. :)

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  1. Awesome photos! God bless those people re-enacting the scenes for you, lol! :)