Thursday, April 25, 2013

gift ideas: graduation gifts - for men

The Clean Shave Crate
Ok so this is a little pricey ($130) but I think it is RAD. It's a great gift for that special man that is sure to make him feel manly ;) I mean honestly, The Man Crate website is just plain awesome! Check it out, it has crates for all men!

New York Times 36 Hours
This is a mini-vacationers dream book. It has over 150 locations in the US and Canada for weekend trips. It includes big cities and locations off the beaten path. Hotel and restaurant suggestions too!! I think any person "heading out into the world" would appreciate something like this!

White House Lego set

You are never too old for Legos!

Hidden Message Collar Stays
Something a little more fancy but with a super cool personal twist :)

Leather Travel Bag
If this guy is going to be on the move, this travel organizer will help them out! Stylish  masculine, and useful!

Cuff Link Display
Women aren't the only ones who want to organize and display jewelry. I love this cuff link box!

Jedi Fleece Robe
Had to throw in something fun!

Custom Tie Clip
I got one for my brother-in-law that said "Who ya gonna call!?" since his favorite movie is Ghostbusters. It's a great way to always remember your silly side!  

Executive Decision Maker
For those times when they have to make a tough choice.  

Personalized Leather Portfolio
You seriously can't go wrong with this one.

Take-out Menu Organizer
Is this guy about to go out and live totally on his own? Will he have long hours and little time to cook? This is perfect. Heck, I want one! Go a step beyond and pick up some menus for him!

Hope this helped!


  1. Great ideas! I love the Lego White House. My Husband is OBSESSED with Legos!

    1. Thanks! There are so many cool Legos out there!!! <3