Friday, April 19, 2013

fun finds friday!

It's Friday! I stopped and got a bottle of wine at lunch. I get off in less than and hour. And it is ON! 

Yay for Friday!!!

This Chair. 
I can't find the original source but how cool is this?!

Dr. Doormat

“Dr. Doormat is the first antimicrobial treated doormat designed for home use.” <-- from their site.

I’m a pretty big germaphobe and this is a dream come true. 

Marine Corps Coin Knife

I think this sucker is just awesome. My husband was a Marine so feel free to buy it for him ;)

These Oxfords

Oh such pretty things. I wish I would have seen these this winter cause I would totally have rocked them. 

Honey & Syrup Dispenser

Classy and clean way to get your honey ;)

Musical Wine Glasses

Yes. You read correct. The main squeeze actually taught me how to do this. I tried in 5th grade and it was a no-go. I think these would be awesome!!


  1. The Musical Wine Glasses look fun!

    1. Right?! I would annoy the crap out of people if I had them...