Friday, February 22, 2013

fun finds friday!!

Yes. I already did one this week but I love FFF and this is my blog so whatev. 

Oh. My. Lovelyness. I want this wrapped copper ring oh so bad. How pretty is it?
here is the store

This doesn't need words. Simply amazing.
Ms. Lori Nix - you are amazing

Oh. My. Golly. I want this so bad before we go on our big trip!! How stinkin' cool?! It's a 360 camera for your iPhone
buy here

J'adore this ring. You get the longitude and latitude of where you got married, live, etc. It's simple yet so pretty.
buy here

This dress is stunning. I can't find where its from or who owns it but it's a 1930s dress. Stunning

I want my husband to wear this:

How cute. Ok - so I'll admit, I didn't get the "button art" craz.... until I saw this!

I found this here

Truer words couldn't be spoken.... haha

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  1. The Marine Corps meme made me laugh out loud. In addition to the oh-so-sexy PT getup, Jesse had the BCGs, too. OMG, it's a good thing we were married before I saw him in that!