Tuesday, February 19, 2013

fun finds friday.... on tuesday

So, I was super busy AGAIN this Friday and didn't get to do a Fun Finds Friday so here it is.... on Tuesday! 

Enjoy ;)

Suede Camera Bag

We are going on a trip to New Zealand and Hawaii in May... I think I need this camera bag. Neeeeeeed!!!!

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Colt 45 Bullet Earrings

I saw these a while ago and finally remembered to Pin them! I adore them. Classy and bad a$$ - what more can a Southern girl want?!

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Personalized World Travel Map
My sister got one for Christmas from her in-laws. I lurve it. It comes with color coded pins and a personalized plaque. What a great way to keep up with all the cool places you go!
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Personalized etched copper Morse code necklace

You can pick what is put on the necklace! How cool!? I was thinking my dad's name or a cool Bible verse.

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Mini Milk Jugs
Y'all. For real. How cute are these mini milk jugs?!?! I die. They are way too cute!

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