Thursday, January 24, 2013

MOH speech.... 2.5 years later

My sister got married in 2010 and I was the Matron of Honor. The moment they got engaged I worked my tail off trying to make sure her wedding plans were perfect. From the dress to the showers, I wanted to be a part of all of it.
Sure, things weren’t always smooth sailing. We would get irritated at each other and sometimes we failed in the communication department, but I was so excited for her!
For the most part, there aren’t any regrets or hard feelings through the roller coaster of 2009/2010 wedding planning.
For the most part.
I have ONE huge regret. To this day, it bothers me and I wish I could do a do-over.
After the cake cutting, they asked if anyone wanted to give the couple a toast. Claire turned to me with the do-you-want-to-say-anything look and I froze. Full on, couldn’t think, dry mouth – frozen.
If you know me I’m not shy and I can talk forever, so why couldn’t I get it together? Was it the crowd, the exhaustion, or the pure lack of preparation? I don’t know, but I regret not saying ANYTHING.
Well, thankfully I have a blog…. So here is my Matron of Honor Speech…. 2.5 years later.

Claire & Chris,
I want you to know that I love you both more than words can possibly say. I have gotten to share in your joy, heartache, frustration, and excitement for the last 7 years (almost 10 now). I have gotten to see you grow from high school sweethearts, to college sweethearts, to husband and wife.
Claire – we have been through so much together and even though we weren’t always the bests of friends, we were there for each other. You have become such a beautiful woman and I am so proud to call you my sister. And you look absolutely stunning today.
Chris – I could not have asked for a better brother. I remember the first time I ever met you, and call me crazy but I knew you were different. There is something about you that just draws people to you and they want to know you. You are everything I would wish for my sister to find in a husband.
Even though there has been much joy today, my heart aches because Dad couldn’t be here to see the two of you fall in love and get married but I know one thing – Claire, Dad would approve of Chris. They would have shared an unparallel passion Gamecock football, money, and a good ole debate. ;) I know Dad is smiling down on the two of you with such pride and happiness.
So today, on your wedding day, I pray that y’all will have a lifetime of blessings, joy, and love together. Vincent and I are here for you both and we can’t wait for what the future holds. I love you both very much.


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