Monday, November 5, 2012

thankful - day five


I am thankful for my best friends. The ones that support me, laugh with me, and make my life a little brighter. They all live in the mid-west and I hate being so far apart but I wouldn't trade them for anything!

Poon - you are my soul mate & better half. You keep me grounded and you have changed my life for the better. Thank you for letting me into your (and the girls and Jesses!) life. You are the true bestie I never had growing up. I love you!

Ammie - I never thought that the day Vincent came home from Iraq, I would meet someone, in passing, that would grow so close to my heart. You are my vent & wine friend. I feel more like myself when I am with you than with anyone else. And you are by far the funniest chick I know. You keep my life up-beat and I adore you!

Rachel - I never thought back in 10th grade that you and I would still be frineds! LOL. We didn't hit it off at first but you have become one of my best friends and really the only person from HS worth talking too. I was so honored to be in your wedding and I love you so very much. You keep humble and grounded. I don't talk to you as much as I should but you hold a special place in my heart. You will always be a star in my eyes.

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