Wednesday, August 29, 2012

25 things

We are all familiar with the “ok, now tell us about yourself” question that is asked in school, job interviews, and other social situations. Let’s be real. It’s awkward. I mean what should you say? Something super unique or stick to the basics? “Hi, I’m Mary and I talk in my sleep” or go with “Hi, I’m Mary and my favorite color is green.”
Seriously? Take a moment to think about it. What makes you interesting? Different? Crazy? Smart? Inspiring? What do you like? What are your hobbies?
What makes you…. You? I challenge you to think about it and come up with your own list. It's a great way to get past the usual and realize what makes you who you are.
Be honest.
Be open.
Be real
Be you!

Well, I figure I’ll break the ice. Here are 25 things about me (I tried to be interesting ;)
1.       If I misspell any part of my last name, I usually have to erase it all and start over. I mean in all fairness it is 12 letters long… and I never made it past the first round of a spelling bee in school.
2.       The ring I wear on my right ring finger was my moms. She told me it was one of the first diamond rings she bought herself (which totally led to her obsession with jewelry). The diamond is about the size of a grain of salt.
3.       I think my dogs like my husband more than me. I mean it’s pretty obvious Rocky is a Daddy’s boy through and through but I seriously think Maddux likes Daddy more. I don’t know why… call it a hunch.
4.       I hate red + green together. Even around Christmas time.  I also hate red + pink together.
5.       Even though I complain about it, I really do like my curly hair. I mean I can take a shower and get ready in under 20 minutes. I think that’s pretty rad.
6.       I have never broken a bone but I have jammed 8 of my fingers and sprained my ankle more times that I can count.
7.       Don’t ask me to do math. Of any kind. Seriously – I can barely do basic addition or subtraction. BUT in my defense, I did make A’s & B’s in school!
8.       When I’m about to fall asleep, I start to wiggle my right foot back and forth. I don’t know why.
9.       I’m jealous of my mom’s handwriting.
10.   Growing up I loathed my name but as I’ve gotten older, I have learned to love it. My dad named me after my grandmothers.
11.   I have been on 10 cruises and I plan to go on a world cruise one day.
12.   I have 4 tattoos. The one on my neck is in memory of my dad and the one on my foot is in honor of my nanny – they are my favorite.
13.   My three closest girlfriends live in the mid-west.
14.   I love nail polish but I very seldom paint my finger nails. My toes are always painted… even in the winter.
15.   I LOVE buying presents. It’s like an Olympic sport for me and some may say I take it too seriously. I love the feeling I get when I find the PERFECT gift for someone. I don’t care to receive presents (if I want it, I will ask for it… or buy it myself!)
16.   I was recently told I am 5’2” but I have gone most of my life saying I’m almost 5’1”.  I don’t know what to believe anymore...
17.   I graduated HS in the 10% of my class. I didn’t go to college and I don’t plan to in the near future. I change my mind to often to think I could seriously pick a degree. I am ok with that.
18.   I over think  EVERYTHING. For example: Who came up with baseball!? Seriously I see a group of drunk men going, “hooookay. So get a stick and a ball. We can have like 4 pillows and we run around them. If you hit all 4 it’s a run. But you gotta get pasts the dudes guarding the pillows and the ones that we will stick way out yonder. It’ll be great. Oh and we can put a dude with a cage on his face to catch the ball if the hitter don’t hit it” < -- I know it’s more complicated than that but that is seriously how my brain works.
19.   I like to eat mashed potatoes with A-1 sauce.
20.   I can drive stick and I want our next car to be a 6-speed, SS Camaro.
21.   Until I met Vincent, I never wanted kids. I was open to adopting or fostering but I never wanted to be pregnant. I jokingly say that I married Vincent because I wanted to have beautiful Italian kids. A little part of me isn’t joking – I mean have you seen my man!? He is handsomeeeeee!
22.   I am very frugal - I hardly ever pay full price for anything.
23.   I have a hard time giving a compliment if I don't mean it. If I tell you that I like your dress, I truly mean it. Or if you ask me if I like your haircut... you'll get an honest answer. I just can't fake it and I believe in being sincere.
24.   I have an over active imagination. When I was little, if I watched anything scary, my mom would have to sing me to sleep so I wouldn’t get nightmares.
25.   Vincent’s near-death experience strengthened my belief and faith in God.

I really enjoyed putting this list together. It definitely makes you think about what makes you… you. If you decide to take on the challenge let me know! I’d love to read what you have to say!


  1. Mine will be posting tomorrow AM. :) This is awesome!

    Also, I have also never broken a bone and overthink EVERYTHING. HAHA!

  2. I'm a new follower! Love your bloggy! My list will be up Saturday morning (

    1. Hi Lauren! Welcome! I returned the follow and I can't wait to read your list! :)

  3. Hello, I just happened upon your blog through pinterest and I am so glad I did. =) Your list is pretty awesome! And I'm so happy to see I'm not the only one whole eats her mashed taters with A-1... my future hubby thinks I'm so wierd. lol

    1. Hi Catherine!
      Welcome!! :) Ahahaha I love it! A-1 and potatos are the bomb! My husband always makes this face of utter disgust when I do it but hey, I like it!! :) It's ok to be weird! ;)