Tuesday, July 17, 2012

lamp re-do

I saw this on Pinterest (I know… shocking!!) and was like “I’m SO doing this!”
I’m pretty sure I have that response with 99.99% of the things I pin, but for real…. I did this one!
My oh-so-wonderful mommy dearest bought me a lamp. Since lamps ain’t all that cheap, I was like “whohoo!” I didn’t love the shade but I wasn’t going to be picky.
I bought a SUPER cute shade at Target but ended up returning it because in order to get it on the lamp, I would have to break the existing shade (it was not the kind you can remove.. trust me… I tried). I just couldn’t bring myself to break the shade.
Well I saw this pin and was cool deal. Let’s do it.
Haha. Nope. It was not the simple. My shade was basically two metal circles connected by a cylinder of plastic. Did I know this!? NO! I had to LITERALLY piece this doggone thing together. It wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t easy.

BUT it was worth it! Looky!


tearing it apart. I had a mini-heart attack. I hate ruining nice, usable things...

what I was left with...

crap. no going back now...


The during photos didn't happen because it wasn't pretty. I literally used my hands, feet, food clips, and hot glue.... and a few words out of frustration. I realized 1/2 through that I shouldn't have gone with anything close to a linear pattern because it didn't line up straight. I used the original fabric to cut a "template' and then I winged it. The fabric is hot glued. It's not pretty. If you are lucky I will upload close up photos...

Whatever - I love it and so does the hubs. :)

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