Wednesday, June 20, 2012

my first...

I know I said a LONG time ago that I was going to use this as a dual personal-business blog…. And I know I haven’t really been posting much photography stuff but today that changes!
The first wedding I ever photographed was on March 7, 2009.
Background time: When Vincent deployed in July of 2008, I moved back to SC. I was living with my grandma and working as a receptionist at a local salon. I started my business in August of 2008 and launched my website in January of 2009. While at the salon, one of the stylists caught wind that I did photography and referred me to one of her clients, Debbie. Debbie’s daughter was getting married in March and they were looking for a photographer.
I panicked. Not only had I never shot a wedding (2nd shot or primary) but I had barely gotten my portfolio together. I rushed to come up with pricing and tried to establish some kind of presentation before I met with Debbie. I was so nervous when I met her for the first time and when I didn’t hear back from her right away I felt discouraged. A few months after the initial meeting, Debbie called me and said they wanted me. I was sitting at my mom’s house and after I got off the phone squealed like a kid on Christmas.
Looking back, I was a mess. Don’t get me wrong – I think the bridals and wedding photos turned out great – but I was SO not prepared (not to mention I wasn’t shooting fully manual and my editing was minimal).  Either way you cut it, the family was happy with the end results and still tell me that they were impressed with my work (didn’t hurt that the bride was stunning).
I totally jumped into wedding photography feet first without testing the water. Most photogs 2nd shoot several weddings before branching out as the primary – but hey… I have always colored outside the lines. ;)
Because of Debbie and Elizabeth’s faith in me, I shot my first wedding and have gone on to shoot over 30 beautiful weddings and countless wonderful families.
Debbie referred me to a bride whose wedding she was catering in November of 2011 and I was excited, not only see her, but work with her again. We chatted a bit about family photos and two weeks ago, I drove out to Blythewood to photograph their family. All 23 of them.
I hadn’t seen Elizabeth or Rusty since their wedding and I had never met their little boy Brady. It was awesome to see them again as well as the rest of the gang!
Ok – I’m done with the prologue, here are the photos! (Since I posted a ton on FB, I am only going to post B&Ws here... just for fun :)

Debbie, Elizabeth, and the rest of the gang – I hope I haven’t freaked you out by this post! ;) Thank you so much for trusting, believing, and supporting me. Your family will always hold a very special place in my heart and I hope to work with y'all again soon.


  1. We love you and will always have a special place in our hearts! Thanks girl!!!!!