Thursday, June 21, 2012

maddi and his bally

My Maddux Rae L-O-V-E-S playing bally. He is obsessed and trust me, I am not exaggerating. We can’t even say the word “ball” or “bally” around him without him going into a frenzy.

If you play with him once, he will remember the next time he sees you. If he comes to your house and he knows you have a ball, he will remember when it is stored.

We make up words to use when talking about his obsession – doughnuts was my favorite. Recently, Vincent has taken up golfing and he will take Maddi with him outside when he practices so Maddi can retrieve the balls. So it only makes sense that when golf is on TV that Maddi would watch, right? Yup – the Golf Channel is his favorite.
DISCLAIMER: I had him groomed a few days after this! haha

Watching the tellie

Here is a video I snapped of him to send my best friends. The first "action" by Maddi is when the golfer drives the ball. The second "action" is when the golfer is putting.  

(I know it’s not an award winning documentary by any means, but my Maddi is super cute and everyone should know that ;)


Here is the YouTube link if it won’t load or you want to see it bigger

Oh and for more giggles, here's Maddi chasing the balls from a kids baseball launcher toy. (Sorry it's so blurry. I wasn't not operating the camera ;)


This was after I put the launcher back in the laundry room.
Here is the link for the 2nd video.

Side note: I just spent like 30 minutes watching Cairn Terrier videos on YouTube. If you don’t know, I love Cairns (clearly- I’m obsessed and probably need therapy!)

This one makes me laugh. The itty-bitty Cairn messing with Great Danes (it’s so Rocky and Maddi)

This one is presh. The Cairn looks just like Maddi did. Love when he stretches!

This last one is too cute. Poor thing can't reach!


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I'm done!

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