Monday, June 18, 2012

harry potter inspired wands and box

I saw this wand making tutorial on Pinterest a while back and thought it would be fun to make as a Father’s Day gift for Vincent’s step-dad Phil.
I know the box isn’t 100% Harry Potter “authentic” but I wanted it to look sophisticated incase Phil wanted to put it on his book shelf (which he did so it worked out beautifully).
So here is my take:
1.       Buy cheap chop sticks. I got these for $3 at World Market

2.       Using hot glue, dribble the glue on the base of the stick. It doesn’t have to be perfect. You will use a LOT of hot glue though - so make sure you buy enough sticks!!

3.       If you’d like more definition, you can add some beads. I found that it looks fine without beads as well.

4.       After it’s cooled a bit but not completely dry, use your hand to smooth it out. I found that if my hand with slightly wet it was easier to mold and didn’t stick to my fringers.
5.       Let it cool completely, then paint it with different shades of brown. I actually didn’t even have brown paint in my house so I mixed a bunch of different colors to make mine.

6.       Paint 2-3 coats.

7.       I wanted a place to “house” them and make it a prettier presentation so I bought a small wooden box at Hobby Lobby (it was $7 so I used my 40% coupon).
8.       It was natural wood, which for a Harry Potter themed box wouldn’t do, so I stained it a dark walnut. I used a sponge brush and only did one coat. Dry overnight.
9.       In the book, I remember the part where Mr. Ollivander is helping Harry pick out his wand so I wanted to incorporate the book. (I got the quote from the movie/IMDB). I printed the quote on tan card stock paper. In order to get the worn look. I crumpled it up a few times and then used a lighter to burn the edges (be careful burning! My first one kept relighting and wouldn’t go out. I did them over the sink in case they caught fire again. Kiddos- have an adult help you)

10.   Slather on the glue, add some stuffing, and voila! Magic wand box. :)

This is the box on Phil's bookshelf

Everyone that saw it thought it was pretty cool :) Hope y'all enjoy!

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