Tuesday, June 19, 2012

feelin' cute

I am admittedly a cheap-o. I have this inability to pay full price for anything and if it isn’t on sale or I don’t have a coupon, I usually can manage to convince myself I don’t need it. I also have EXTREME buyer’s remorse and have to “sleep on” big decision (like booking a vacation, buying a car or camera lens… etc.) I do tend to buy cheap and then later regret not investing in higher quality. I am not impulsive (though many may think getting hitched at 18 would be impulsive, but trust me I thought through it long and hard).
Anyway, when I buy something that I really like I take good care of it. I have shirts and slacks that are 5+ years old. I still have the white dress my nanny bought me when I was in 8th grade, and I have been able to squeeze into it a few times since.
Lately though, I have been trying to dress more age-appropriate (less jeans and t-shirts, more blouses and slacks). I have also been “investing” in better quality items, including jewelry, shoes, and clothing.
I felt super cute yesterday and today I feel pretty happy with my outfit so I thought I would share.
For the first time, in what seems like forever, I bought a jacket at full price! Ok… well that’s not 100% true – I bought it on base so it was tax free and marked down a little. Anyway- I loved it. I wore it all day yesterday. You may be wondering why I as wearing a jacket in June in South Carolina – a. I am cold natured and b. I’m always cold at work.

The jacket I bought at the PX at Fort Jackson  - $40
Cropped dress Capri pants from Old Navy - $20
White ¾ length sleeve shirt from Old Navy - given to me by my sister
Black Kinos from Key West, FL - $13
Nautical vintage necklace from my nanny

The second is my random attempt at color blocking.
Hot pink shrug/sweater  from Target – given to me by my sister (who said hand-me-downs aren’t awesome?!)
Grey jersey shirt  from Loft – again, sis gave it to me
Brooch from my nanny (Brooches WILL make a come back - mark my words!)
Mint green Ann Marino shoes from Burke’s outlet - $20
Black dress slacks from Wal-Mart (I KNOW!? Love them) - $16
Earrings from the PX on Ft. Jackson - $1.87 – KID you not!

Last I wanted to share this photo:
I look a mess and it’s a terrible angle but this is from our 4 year anniversary trip. Since I never dress up like this I made sure to at least get one photo! (Plus my main squeeze is super handsome and I like to show him off as much as I can ;)

JCrew bubble necklace – retail $150, I got the real deal-io for $20 on EBay
Lace dress from TJ Maxx - $20
Black wedge shoes (not pictured) from TJ Maxx - $20

I follow Vincent's cousins blog a lot and she always posts awesome outfit ideas! She actually insprired me to do this post. Check her out here!

Take care,


  1. Hey, I know her...she's cool! ;) Side note, that striped jacket is seriously ADORABLE and since I'm all about some bargains, I, too, have a hard time paying full price. I'm featuring 2 outfits tomorrow with $7 (yes, $7) skirts from Wal Mart. :)

    Thanks for the shout-out!

    1. Hahah yes she is! ;) Thanks! I really didn't want to pay $40 for it but I reallllllly liked it! Sweet! I look forward to the post!

      No problem :)