Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I may not be the biggest fan of Mrs. Kidman-Urban’s movies but I do agree with her. Everyday, in every relationship, there will be a need for compromise.

Now, I do want to interject that I don’t believe in full compromise because I don’t think all compromise is wise. Let me explain – if the compromise involves something that will make you sin or is illegal – I wouldn’t compromise. If it’s something you simply don’t want to do even though someone else does – I’d make an effort.

For example: The last three date nights Vincent and I have been on have been geared more towards his interests. We have been to the driving range a few times, went and shot his new S&W, and have gone bowling. I, admittedly, have had a lot fun but are those things I would normally want to do? Not really but it’s a compromise. The last movie we saw in theatres was a movie I wanted to see and he has been on one of my infamous shopping experiences recently (the I-have-an-idea-of-what-I-am-looking-for-but-don’t-know-what-it-is-or-where-to-find-it-yet shopping trips that includes 3-5 stores...)

I have wanted new lamps for our bedroom for MONTHS and I have been looking for months. I've looked for months, not because we were tight on cash/wasn’t in the budget, but rather I couldn’t find ones I loved. I will admit I am a impulse buyer sometimes but for the most part I take my time and make sure it’s 100% what I wanted especially if it cost a little bit of money (and sometimes it isn’t even after all the searching). I would find lamps I liked and Vincent wouldn’t, and vise versa. I wanted a regular lamp and Vincent wanted more of a reading lamp.

We finally agreed on getting two different lamps – either with the same bottom or with matching shades - whichever. The mission was set, now to complete it.

Last Friday, on my lunch break, I went to Hobby Lobby. The lamps we 50% off so I thought I would take a peek. I had fallen in L-O-V-E with a lamp I saw with my friend a few months ago but it was pretty girly and they only had one. I found the lamp again, and thought maybe I could find one that Vincent would like. I rounded the corner and saw a reading-type lamp that was the same kind of metal as the one I loved. Perfection. I took a picture and sent it to Vincent. His response? Hold your breath! “I like it a lot.” EKK! (Ok so you may be thinking that wasn’t a epic response but from him it was, simply because he is pretty B&W – hates it or loves it).

I drug him back the next day, loaded them in the cart, and put them in our bedroom. Yay!

ANYWAY – the moral of the story is sometimes you agree and sometimes you don’t. There will be times when you have to meet ½ to get what and where you want. We both got exactly what we wanted and it only took 6 months! ;)

Yes – that is what I got from this whole Mission Lampossible. Now for a photo of them! :)

For those wondering, I do not know the name of the company that makes these. I bought them at Hobby Lobby while they were on sale (mine $45 and Vincent's $40)

Oh and since I haven't posted any photos of my newest brooches I thought I would show y'all here :)

The roadrunner was given to me from one of
my besties Ammie while I was in St. Louis. It was bought at a
vintage re-sale store. Love it!
The other is just wicked cool! I got it for $2 on ebay!

Have a great Tuesday!!


  1. Holy cow, that "girly" lamp is ADORABLE. It's a good thing I don't know where you live... HAHA. But seriously, picking lamps are a big deal. I'm a lamp snob and I will eye lamps for years (literally) before taking the plunge. However, isn't it so worth it when you find the right one? Also, I love the look of mismatched lamps. Especially with your yellow nightstands, it rocks. :)

    1. Thank you!! I have been wanting it forever!! They have some other ones like it if you have a Hobby Lobby near by! They also have some awesome burlap style ones that I adore.

      Oh yea. We use to buy lamps only if they were ubber cheap and I decided that I wanted nice, good quality lamps this time. That isn't to say my $5 floor lamp from home depot isn't awesome! lol

      Thank you!! :) I'm super happy with them!