Thursday, June 28, 2012

blogs i heart

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Not all the blogs and bloggers I follow have buttons for me to snag so I thought I would put together a list here. These are blogs I personally love to read and follow. (They are in alphabetical order, but the photography ones are seperate)

I just started following Ana. She sent me a comment on my 52 date nights and said that her and her hubby are going to do them. She put all the ideas in a jar and they pick at random. Her goal is to document all of them! So exciting to see my ideas inspiring others and I can't wait to see more!

Kitchen Table Art
I met Gracie in August 2011 - she was a bridesmaid in a wedding I was photographing (random fact: I've know the groom since elementary school and the bride since 9th grade). Anyway, she does AWESOME custom art pieces. From re-purposed wood to ice coolers - she does it all and is amazingly talented! I have personally bought a piece from her and plan to buy more! You need to check her out!

I have been following Ashley for years... like MySpace following! She does a little of everything - DIY, organization, clothing… name it she writes about it. She recently was battling cancer and, as insain as it sounds, she handled it with such grace and humor. She is a rockstar.
I found Liz through a photographer I followed. She re-purposes a lot of old furniture and paints them fun colors. I mean I really don’t know what to say about her blog other than I simply love it and pass it around to a lot of people! Check her out – trust me, you won’t be disappointed!
Stephanie made national news when the private plane she was in with her husband crashed leaving her with burns all over her body. I have been following her blog for about a year now and I love to see the God’s miracles at work. Her blog will leave you inspired and impressed. She let's you into her life - the good and the bad. (I also found one of my favorite photogs from here - Blue Lily Photography)

Jenn’s blog went viral last year after she posted a rant about Elf on a Shelf. My best friend turned me on to her and I love her. She is blunt, honest, funny, and real. Sure, some of the things she says offend people but I like that she is open and frank. She makes me laugh – that’s all I care about!

A fellow South Carolinian - I love her blog. She totally makes me want to go to Goodwill or a Thrift shop and go nuts! I have always loved crazy patterns and her reinvention of older clothes is awesome. Purely rad. She did 366 (leap year) days of re-fashioning and you need to check it out. Plus I love seeing her SC references!!

Rock n’Roll Bride
I stumbled on her last year and fell in love. Kat uses her blog to post wedding related thing but with a twist. The photos she uses from photographers aren’t your typical cookie-cutter weddings or everyday shoots. From a Tim Burton themed wedding to a bride with a rainbow petticoat, Kat covers them all. Every post makes me more and more excited about wedding photography. PLEASE check her out! You’re totally missing out if you don’t.
I mean how awesome is that name?! (And I am not just saying that because April is family...). I follow her daily. Her fashion advice, weekly confessional, and Instagram Fridays are just a few reasons why I love reading what she has to say. Each day has a theme which keeps you coming back for more!

What It's Like Being Jesse's Girl
This is my best friends blog!! (side note: I took her profile photo it was the first family session ever for me too!!). Anyway - Lamphone (or Poon as most called her) is an amazing writer and sometimes posts sneak peaks into what book idea she has floating around. I lovey her and because she is in Iowa and I'm in SC it is a fun way to stay in touch!!


I found this awesome couple through Stephanie of The Nie Nie Dialogues. A few years ago they decided to get rid of basically everything and travel the world with their two kids. Their photographs are breathtaking and their blog posts are hilarious. I am slightly jealous by all their travels and simplistic lifestyle! I dream of going to one of their workshops and being photographed by them!

Glass Jar Photography
Hey Twilight fans - these photogs shot a music video for Nikki Reed (played Rosalie) and her husband Paul McDonald. They also photographed their wedding. Anyway- their work rocks. I would describe it as airy - yes, airy. It's light, refreshing, and lovely.
To other photogs this is a no brainer, but it’s not just about her photography (which is gorgeous). She is a self proclaimed goof, sometimes self-doubter, an motivated learner & teacher. She has made a name for herself in the industry in a VERY short amount of time.

I have had the pleasure of working with Katie and being photographed by her. She is awesome! It was her work that inspired me and pushed me to start my photography business. I was following her work (via MySpace again) back in 2008 & have followed her ever since. I love her work and her effortless way of photographing people. Not to mention her daughter is absolutely stunning!!

Love is a Big Deal
This is my new favorite wedding shot by Josh and Meg. I just love their work and Josh posts awesome stuff on his personal page as well. Not only does the name of their company ROCK but their work speaks volumes. It's fun, fresh, vintage, and quirky. Love it.

Three Nails Photography
Whoa-ness. I DREAM of going to one of their workshops. Their editing style and posing are to die for, and it's looks so effortless. I have been following them for a while now and am always impressed with their work.

What are some of your favs? What is your blog? Comment on a post or send them to me!


  1. These are some great blogs! I haven't heard of some of them, thanks for sharing!

    1. No problem! Thanks for sharing yours! I saw your wedding photos - they are stunning!! :)

  2. Mary Louise, Thanks so much for sharing my blog with your readers. I loved your description - spot on. I took a look at your blog and holy cow, you're a baby!!! I felt so old reading your annual letters (went to prom & got married)! I can't tell you how fast the next 20 years will go for you. Enjoy them! Thank you for reading my blog and sharing it. I really appreciate it. And I love your hat in your profile pic! You probably made it, didn't you? Just point me to your Etsy store...

    1. Not a problem! I'm glad you felt like the description did it some justice. :) Yea.... I'm 22 going on 42.

      Thank you for posting what you do! I try to be honest and upfront but I admire your candor!

      No.. I actually never took to knitting. The hat was a Christmas gift from my step-dad - he has pretty good taste though doesn't he!?

      Anyway- thanks for stopping by and can't wait to see what else you have to say!