Tuesday, May 22, 2012

midwest state of mind...

Ok, I’m really slacking on here!
I thought I would let you know how my Iowa and Missouri trip was. Well… it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Ack! I mean I love those girls so much why would it be anything less!?!
Getting off the plane in Omaha and hugging Poon was like a military homecoming and we instantly feel into our old rhythm. Abby was asleep when we got in but I got a big hug from Mia and I melted. I forgot how much I miss those little girls and it made me sad at how big they are!!! I was happy to see Jesse too. I know…. Hold your surprise. ;)
I loved seeing Iowa. It is so different from any place I have ever been and Calumet totally took me off my game. It’s 1.3 sq. miles but has so much character. I can say that because one day I went for a 20 minute jog (yes… I jogged for 20 minutes straight. Hold your shock!) and got to see the whole town. Iowa is so open, and clean, and slowwwwww. Slow as in we didn’t feel rushed to do anything and the days just seemed like forever. I loved it.
We went to several towns while I was there: Cherokee, Sutherlin, Storm Lake, and Alta. I’ll give you a brief run down on what we did in each town.
Cherokee- We saw The Lucky One! Ack! Half way through the movie Poon realized that we were both wearing Marine Corps shirts (the main character is a Marine). Dork out! We also walked up and down main street! Loved it! I got a super cute sweater from a local boutique and ate ice cream at the pharmacy. I also tried Phosphate- it’s what they had before soda. It was…. Interesting…

Downtown Calumet

The girlies

Sutherlin- is 4 miles from Calumet. We didn’t do much there but there is the church that has a clothing drop-off and everything is free for grabs. So we went-a-digging. I felt like I was on an episode of Storage Wars…. We actually made out quite nice – I got a John Deer hoodie!!
Storm Lake- we went to the Buddhist temple that Poon’s mom, Tia, helped build. It was stunning. We also hit up the Wal-Mart there… fun times yo’
Alta- is the town Poon graduated HS from and her mom lives there. Her mom made us dinner and gave me a Louis Vuitton clutch. Score!
Every day was pretty much experiencing a day in the life of Poon. It’s so different from my life and it was awesome to be there.
Some of the other things I experienced:
·         I drove a John Deer! Whoot whoot!
·         Watched Jesse drop two HUGE trees. Can’t do that in the city ;)
·         Learned where Dirt Devil got it’s name…
·         Bought a bobcat skull at the taxidermist. He even signed it for me :)
·         Bon Fire with Jesse’s family
·         I went into the butcher store… but ran when I saw the live pig….
My last day we spent some time in Omaha - it was lovely. I liked it there. Poon’s friend Brin came too so it was a good ole time! We went to this old bookstore that was FULL of books – which made our hearts skip a beat.
On to St. Louis! Well… I almost missed my flight in Omaha. Super.
When I got to St. Louis and saw Ammie, she screamed. I mean like the people around her freaked out. It was awesome.
Her sister and best friend came with her. We headed to The Loop and ate at a mac-n-cheese place! Ammie bought me a super cute roadrunner brooch and I got a cute little purse at this re-sale place.
The next day we went to Union Station and ate our weight in seafood. We had dinner in St. Charles and went to the “boat” – I one $35 bucks on penny slots!!
Side note- St. Charles is SUPER cute. If you go to St. Louis you have to go there. It’s about 25 minutes outside of the city but it’s really neat!
We walked around Kimmswick, where she lives. ANOTHER PLACE TO GO!! It was cute little boutiques all over and it’s famous ;). I ate a slice of Mile High Apple Pie at the Blue Owl. Oprah, Paula Deen, and Guy Fieri have visited and it was very yummy.
We went to the Braves vs. Cardinals game that night and after TWELEVE innings the Braves finally won with a 2-run homerun. It was an intense game, especially since I had my Braves shirt on. The Card fans were nice to me though- told me they liked me as long as I wasn’t a Cubs fan ;)
Ammies - cause she lovessssssss me
Mine. I got it in honor of my Nanny.
Who has always told me to have faith even when you can't see or feel it.

My last day we went to a Winery and had chocolate at the Melting Pot! It was fabulous! Oh and we got tattoos…
We had to get up at 6AM to get me to the airport and when I got there I was informed that my flight had been moved from 8:40AM to 7:11AM…. I never knew. I was in shock. I was told the next flights that could get me to CLT weren’t till the evening and it would put me in CLT at 9PM. This was when I panicked. Thankfully, Ammie got them to get their acts together. I got a non-stop to CLT but it wouldn’t leave till 1. So we headed out to breakfast (Happy Mother’s Day Ams) then went back and chilled at the USO.
Two totally different personalities, two totally different towns, and two totally awesome experiences – all in 8 days. Wow.

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