Thursday, April 12, 2012

ridiculously photogenic guy - my take

Ok. So this guy named Zeddie was running in the Cooper River Bridge run down in Charleston and a photog snapped his photo. It went viral.

Yes, he is very good looking. Yes, its impressive that he is running, sweating, and looking cute all in one swoop.

But ya see here – I have my own ridiculously photogenic man. This photo was taken on August 30, 2007 during the MOT Run at a Marine Corps Boot Camp graduation. It was a 5K and this was taken right as the were coming to the "finish."

 ((Sorry they are blurry. Will try and fix that...))

See the arrow pointing to the ONLY guy smiling in the formation? Yup- that’s my main squeeze.

Here is a close up:

Did I mention I have TWO photos of him looking all happy to see me?!

You can imagine how I freaked out after I saw it. I mean heck, I hadn’t seen him in THREE months with only letters to communicate. How lucky am I that when my man came on running by he was smiling like he won the lottery!? Pretty darn lucky.

Anyway, that Zeddie guy is pretty good lookin’ but if you were to ask me my husband totally kicks his butt ;)

He was 18 in the boot camp photos and at 22 he is just getting better and better looking :)
I mean LOOK AT HIM!!!

(Please excuse my awkward smile, I mean it’s so hard to take a photo next to that hot man of mine ;)

JUST FOR FUN: (please note: his hair is super short because he was at boot camp.
Please reference the beautiful wavy locks in the above photo)

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