Tuesday, April 24, 2012

support our troops.... and stop making us pay even more

Ok, this post is going to probably strike a nerve for some people so I will warn you:
This is what I think and how I feel. Please respect that.

Anyway- Have y’all heard about the proposed TRICARE fee increase that Obama sent to Congress? Well let me break it down for you.
TRICARE is the healthcare plan(s) available to military members and retired members. It is the most affordable healthcare out there and for the most part it’s pretty good. Vincent and I were on it while he was Active Duty and are on the retired TRICARE now. Our medication is free, visits don’t have co-pays, and we don’t have to pay for expensive testing. The quarterly payments are affordable and since we live 10 minutes from Fort Jackson, it made since to get it while he is in school.
In what I assume is an attempt to make TRICARE unaffordable and force veterans to go to Obamacare, Obama has proposed a fee increase for TRICARE enrollees and a massive budget cut. I mean we are talking in the BILLIONS.
 Now I understand that our country is in a lot of debt and I won’t pretend like I fully understand every aspect (I mean heck! I’m married to an accounting major – I let him worry about money) but at the same time why on earth would Congress and our President deem it OK to take away from those who literally have risked their lives to protect this country!? It is BEYOND me. I mean why not cut the welfare budget? Increase taxes on the 1%? Oh HEY CONGRESS! WHY DON’T YOU GET PAID WHAT OUR MILITARY DOES! Or for that matter, let’s see you go into a hostile territory, wearing full gear (weighing upwards of 40lbs) in 140 degree weather, while fearing for your life, and being away from your family for months and months. You don’t deserve your obscene paycheck but you bet your little butt the military does.  Yet, you have no problem taking away from them and their families. Gr.
 Why doesn’t Congress stand up for the little guy!?
Yes- I’m married to a Marine (and for those who are thinking “well didn’t he get out?” – yes but once a Marine, always a Marine) so my feelings may be a little more outlandish. I have had a family member fight in EVERY war in the country (and don’t argue, I have proof). My grandfathers are WW2 vets, I have 3 uncles that were in Vietnam, Vincent’s father was a Marine would did two separate year long deployments in Vietnam,  and a lot of friends that have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s a subject close to me.
My grandpa and Vincent

Needless to say – I support our troops, I am proud to be an American, and God bless the families of those killed for my freedom. If you are offended by that statement you need to rethink living in the USA.
I'm glad that there is talk of exempting medically retired service members, active duty, and survivors of services members killed in action from the proposed TRICARE fee increase but it still makes me sick that our President is taking away so much from our military. I mean come one?! Fees tripling and quadrupling in the next 5 years!? That is nuts!
Please don’t get me wrong- I am so grateful for the VA and for the help we have received. Without the VA, Vincent wouldn’t be able to go to school for (basically) free. Without the VA we would not have been able to qualify for a home loan. Without the VA, Vincent would have gotten no monetary compensation for his injury or time served. Without the DOD, Vincent and I wouldn’t have been able to travel to St. Louis to see if he was a candidate for surgery to repair his nerve. I am grateful. What makes me mad is how unappreciated our vets are in terms of politics.
Because Vincent was medically retired, we might be exempt from the fee increase should Congress choose to exempt them.  I hope so. If not, by the time the fees go through the roof, Vincent will have graduated and we won’t be as reliant on his VA compensation.
In case you want to see what I am talking about (or to make sure I haven’t made up anything) check out these links:
I pray for Obama and Congress. I pray that they will make wise and informed decisions that will benefit us as a nation and not further their own agendas. I pray.
AGAIN: my intention was not to offend anyone but if you have something constructive to say please add. If you are going to be mean just don’t bother. My mama raised me to turn the other cheek, so I won’t respond to rude comments, but I will think rude thoughts about you and will probably tell my bestie (sorry mom!)

God bless our troops and God bless America.


  1. Thank you! You gave my thoughts, words!!
    God Bless!!!

  2. Dear Mary Louise, Thank you and Bless you, for your speaking up against the wrong our president is doing to Veterans and their families!