Thursday, April 12, 2012

oh bethenny

We all have those guilty pleasures- whether it be some kind of dessert, an expensive accessory, or a TV show. I do.
I love Bethenny Frankel in her show Bethenny Ever After (Bravo Monday at 10pm).
Sure she can be a little risqué and sometimes quite vulgar but I love her. She is a tell it like it is, no nonsense, take the bull by the horns type girl. She came from a tough upbringing and has made it all on her own. I think she is hilarious and says what other people are thinking but afraid to say. Sure she can be a bit neurotic but can’t we all?
I love her.
I see a lot of myself in her and I wish I had the balls, yes balls - don’t get offended – to always stay true to myself and take everything in stride.
I love her husband Jason too and don’t get me started on how cute I think her daughter Bryn it. Jason is SO much like Vincent it makes me laugh. Some of the similarities are good and others not so much. As much as I would L-O-V-E to write down everything they have in common, I know Vincent sometimes reads what I write and I wouldn’t want to embarrass him (Jason would totally feel the same… ;)
Anyway, I love her show and her. And if you don’t, that’s totally fine – I just wanted to share ;) I mean if I literally laugh out loud multiple times during one show it’s a keeper.
She’s got a talk show coming out and I am TOTALLY going to DVR it!
Oh! On another note- who watches GCB?! HILARIOUS! <3 it