Wednesday, February 8, 2012

cairn terrier

Last night on the College Jeopardy Tournament, one of the answers/questions was this:

I screamed. Literally. Vincent, Rocky, and Maddi all thought I was insane but I was so excited because I knew the answer, totally wrote a blog earlier about the topic, and because I HAVE A CAIRN TERRIER!! (pronounced like Karen). I am so head-over-heels in love with my Cairn that whenever I see anything Cairn related I buy it and kind of freak out. Bumper stickers, key chains, pens - you name it, I want it!

BTW- the students on the show didn't know the answer. I felt pretty smart ;)
For those who don’t know, Toto in the movie The Wizard of Oz is a Cairn. The photo above is of my Maddux Rae :)
I have noticed that it’s harder to find things with Cairns because it isn’t considered a popular breed anymore and I cannot understand why! I mean I won’t lie- I had NO idea what they were called until the day we bought Maddux but still! I do now and I love them! No, I adore him. (it’s actually quite sad… ;)

Cairns were bred in Scottish Highlands to chase rodents out of piles of rocks (aka cairns). They  were prized for their hard work more than their looks. They are stubborn, independent, fearless, and, in my case, a little OCD (Maddi is OBSESSED with playing ball. Obsessed is putting it mildly- ask my family. If he visits your house and you play with him, next time he is over, he will remember where the ball is kept. No lie.)
They aren’t “pretty” or “cute” by today’s standards. I mean they are being compared to Chihuahuas, Yorkies, Dachshunds, and Westies - they don’t have a shot. They are manly small dogs. They are scruffy and wiry. (AND for the record, Westies were bred from Cairns – some guy shot his Cairn because he thought it was a fox so he started to bred Cairns to be white… sad, but true)
My Maddi though- oh boy – he has my heart.

He is annoying, bossy, stubborn, irritating, messy, crazy, and conceded (yes. I said conceded. My dog totally is). He doesn’t sit still for very long, always wants to play, and constantly makes a mess of his dinner. He doesn’t snuggle and isn’t much of a lap dog. He has anxiety when around too many other dogs and doesn’t “kiss” me.

 But I love that dog more than just about anything (I mean let’s be real, there are some days where I love him more than Vincent… not really but you can understand how much I love this pup). He doesn’t need a leash to go outside, he take care of *ahem* his business quickly, and is loyal to a fault. He listens when I tell him no and stop. He gets along great with other dogs, always back-ups his big brother Rocky, and is about the friendliest dog you’ll ever meet. He is super smart and silly (he will chase his tail and when he catches it he doesn't always let go right away and will try to walk. It's so funny). He makes me smile at least once every hour and he is a momma’s boy.  I adore my Cairn and I think the world needs to know that!

I will own another Cairn, I truly believe that. They are awesome little dogs. They are spunky and can handle their own. They are cute but manly enough to not be all fruffy (I don’t think that’s a word but I don't care…). Luckily the breed is known to have little health issues, doesn't shed a whole lot, and tend to live 14+ years (yay!).

NOW you get to have PICTURES! There aren’t a whole lot of photos of Cairns on the internet so I figure Maddi’s pretty little face could be  one! :) Enjoy! 

On a side note: I LOVE our oldest dog Rocky with all my heart. He is a daddy’s boy all the way. He is super loving and quite a pretty fellow but he is a mutt so it’s hard to have a “bred loyalty” to him. If I could get 25 more Rocky’s I would but that pup is one of a kind… literally. Here's a photo of our big ole baby :)

Anyway! I think Cairn Terrier lovers of the world unite!!!

If you are thinking of adpoting a Cairn do your research. They require a steady and patient hand. They are stubborn but highly intelligent and loyal. Check out Col. Potter’s Cairn Rescue to see if there are any loveable Cairns that need forever homes.


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