Wednesday, February 15, 2012

bucket list

Most people today have heard of a “Bucket List.” I’m pretty sure the Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman’s 2007 movie based on the idea is what has sparked recent interest in the idea.  In the movie version of Nicholas Spark’s A Walk to Remember, the man character also has a list of things she’d like to do before she dies.
I had kind of mulled over the idea and have made the “before I die I want to do ______” statement many times before. It wasn’t until middle of last year that I decided to write it all down. With the help of Pinterest, I have continued to add to it.
(There are things I have already done and will be listed)
So here goes (no particular order)
1.       Kiss Vincent at the top of the Eifel Tower (I have been to Paris and to the top but I’d like him to go with me)
2.       Hit a baseball/softball (DONE! At a batting cage but still!)
3.       Ride in a gondola with Vincent
4.       Jump off the Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand
5.       Go on a cruise with my whole family
6.       Meet Sylvester Stallone :)
7.       Visit the pawn shop featured in Pawn Stars
8.       Go sky diving
9.       Zip-line through a rainforest
10.   Eat a Phillie Cheesesteak in Phillie
11.   Visit every MLB baseball stadium with Vincent (3 down!)
12.   See a panda in China (just cause :)
13.   Visit the Wizard of Oz Museum in Kansas
14.   Visit Nome, Alaska – the city where my favorite childhood movie was base – Balto!
15.   Go on a transatlantic cruise
16.   Visit Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria
17.   Eat a cannoli in Italy (I have been 2 times and never tried one!)
18.   Kiss Vincent on a big screen at a major sports event
19.   Try a cupcake from Georgetown Cupcakes (DONE!)
20.   Visit Carlos’ Bakery in NJ
21.   Own a Jeep Grand Wagoneer
22.   Drive cross country
23.   Go to the top of the Arch in St. Louis (DONE!)
24.   Drive across the Golden Gate Bridge (DONE! Twice!)
25.   Drive across the Tower Bridge in London (DONE!)
26.   Attend a church service overseas (DONE!)
27.   Own my own studio
28.   Photograph a Marine at the Vietnam wall (DONE!)
29.   Visit Salzburg to see where The Sound of Music was filmed (DONE!)
30.   Visit Naples and Sicily- where Vincent’s ancestors are from
31.   See an Opera (DONE!)
32.   Fly in a private jet
33.   See a Broadway musical on Broadway (DONE! But want to see more!)
34.   See the Acropolis (DONE!)
35.   See the pyramids in Egypt
36.    See Stonehedge (DONE!)
37.   Visit Shakespeare’s Globe and see a play (1/2 done!)
38.   Go to Chicago
39.   See one of my best friends get married (As of October this year- DONE!)
40.   Go to Hawaii (DONE!)
41.   Have a glass of bourbon on Bourbon Street
42.   Do a missions trip overseas
43.   Have kids
44.   Go to Germany and have a beer (I don’t even like beer!!)
45.   Rescue a severely abused animal (like 3 legs, one eye type thing. Beauty can be found in all of God’s creatures!!!)
46.   Learn to tango
47. See the Great Wall in China
48.   Meet someone famous (like super famous. Like the president or some crazy celebrity famous)
49.   Go on vacation with my Nanny (DONE!)
50. Visit Chernobyl

Obviously I have done a lot (some not on here) and I am so blessed for that but there is so much more I want to do. This list will grow and I might never actually do everything on here but a girl can dream :)


  1. Love this! I must say I was surprised at some of these! Can't wait to read about your updates...

    1. Surprised in a good way I hope! Thanks! I love love love reading your blog too! I wish you lived closer cause I would totally beg to borrow 1/2 of your clothes!! haha :)

  2. Love it!!! Great plans, hope you get to do them all. Can I go visit the Pawn stars with you? And I have met Tom Brady and Neil Patrick Harris, do they count as celebrities?

    1. Hahah of course!! :) It'll be epic!

      And yes they totally do! My sister would kill to meet Neil Patrick Harris- she loves How I Met Your Mother!

  3. Okay one of them I think I can accomplish while you're here and well there is one more we might work on lol!