Friday, February 3, 2012

before and after

I "learned" about Photoshop in 10th grade. I took a Graphics & Communications class and loved it so much I took it for another year (I was the only person in my Graphics and Comm. 2 class cause I'm just that cool). Basically I got to do whatever I wanted. I LOVED IT! My teacher was ah-mazing and he was always so supportive and helpful (thanks Mr. P!).

I learned how to do silk screen, build books, and other things of that nature.

Then I met Photoshop. It's beautiful. I have Elements and CS4. I make everything on Photoshop (like our Christmas cards, thank you notes, print releases, etc).

I'm still learning and I'll admit I am very new to "actions" - as in like 6 months new. Here are some ones I have done recently with new actions. For those that don't know what an action is here the easy definition: it's a command that you can click and it will apply a certain effect to the photo. It's almost like a one-click-photo-wonder-editing-genie. You can adjust the layers to fit what you are looking for.

Don't get me wrong- you need to learn how to edit your photos and appreciate your own aesthetic but sometimes it's nice to have some fun experimenting! :)

You can find some for free at Coffee Shop Blog and MCP Actions. I have a few from them. My personal favorite are Coffee Shop's Velvet Ash B&W and MCP's High Definition. 

I have bought actions as well! I love love love my actions from Pure Photoshop Actions and Kathleen Amelia Photography. I'll be honest- I only use a handful of the actions in the bundles I bought but none the less I'm happy with my purchase. I do tweak each action I use in attempt to keep with what I like but they are a great starting point!

I bought the Pure Photoshop Action Set 1. The actions by are more subtle and great for weddings and bridals. It's actually geared more towards newborns but like I said, it's great for weddings and bridals.  I'm in love with the "It's All About the Bling" action. It just pops the blacks! I also love the warming action - it's just enough.

The actions by Kathleen are more edgy- LOVE! They add the "pop" without it looking like you edited it on Picnik (sorry, not being a hater!). I love "Rufus." It's currently my favorite. I just got the set but I forsee me using it for engagement and family sessions. :)

First three are actions by Kathleen Amelia and the last two are by Pure Photoshop :) Love 'em! The description is under the image. :)

 Used Rufus

 Used Flat Black

flattened then used Karly

brown sugar baby (vintage baby at 50%)
hazy baby (haze it up at 50%)
it's all about the bling (two times)

warm that baby (at 50%)
hazy baby
it's all about the bling (two times)

(The ones that have %, to get those, adjust the opacity on the layer you want to mess with. The opacity is found in your layers palette)

If you have any suggestions on actions let me know! If you have any questions shoot me a message :)

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