Monday, February 27, 2012


As you may have noticed (or not... either way...) I have been AWOL.

The reason being I was on vacation! My sister and I decided to go on a cruise.

We love cruises. I have been on 10 (if I am remembering/counting correctly). They are a great way to travel. I mean who wouldn’t want to have someone cook and clean up after you for a week and ALSO wake up in a different country every day?

It’s pretty sweet. We went to the Bahamas. The weather was perfect and we met some pretty cool people. We were on the Carnival Fantasy that sails out of Charleston :)

Some of the highlights (or just random things) from the trip:
1. I ate frog legs & alligator bites. I also had escargot but I’ve had it before.
2. Claire got stung by a bee in the Coach store in Nassau.
3. We got a free topaz and sapphire in Nassau –
which totally rocks since my birthstone is topaz and Claire’s is sapphire!
4. I got to go down the waterslide – twice! No kids around! Whoot Whoot!
5. We got to go to the returning cruisers cocktail party – which had free drinks :)
6. We almost
witness a WWE smack down the last night. This kid stuck his tongue out in someone’s photo – they weren’t to happy about it and were unimpressed when the parents laughed at their kids actions (side rant- seriously!? Your kid was rude and obviously upset someone. You should apologize and discipline your kid- not make it about the other person and defend your kids bad behavior. UGH.)
7. We had a drink in memory of our dad on the anniversary of his death. Dad wasn’t much of a drinker but we raised our glasses to him!
8. Claire won a Rock, Paper, Scissors contest.
9. I learned part of the Thriller dance :)

10. This was my 10th cruise!
11. Biggest highlight!? We didn’t kill each other! ;)

Anyway, here are some snapshots from the week! Enjoy!

In case anyone was wondering here is a list of the other ships I have been on:
1996 - Big Red Boat
1998 - Carnival Celebration
1999 - Carnival Jubilee
2000 - Royal Caribbean Voyager of the Seas
2002 – Marco Polo (Mediterranean cruise from Barcelona to Rome)
2003 - Carnival Fantasy

2004 – Carnival Victory
2008 – Carnival Fascination
2009 – Royal Caribbean Independence of the Seas
2012 – Carnival Fantasy (apparently we have been on this ship twice! haha)


  1. Found you through pinterest. I just wanted to say thank you for being, what seems like the exception to marriage now days. It's a real shame the world has turned such a beautiful thing into nothing more than a game. I have been married going on 2 years now and It seems we get the se questions! Where are the kids?? Hahah we like our sleep too much too. Anyways your blog really touched me and I couldn't not say thank you! :)

    1. Kayla,
      I just saw this! I am so sorry for taking so long to reply! I'm so glad you are enjoying what I have to say and can relate. I mean sleep is SO important!! haha. It's ok to be different and to make sure you and your husband are doing what's right for y'all as a couple. Vincent and I struggle with it often but at the end of the day my marriage comes first! I hope you continue to read and feel free to reach out to me on Facebook - Mary Louise DeCrescenzio! (always love meeting new people!) Take care!!

  2. I am J! I wanna go on a cruise right now! lol