Tuesday, January 3, 2012

why "ML"

Why “ML?” Well the short answer is that I have a double first name and sometimes get lazy so I shorten Mary Louise to ML sometimes. I also have a 12 letter last name that 98% of people can’t pronounce. So ML is just easier.

I tried to come up with a witty title. I sat there and thought, “if I wrote an autobiography, what would the title be?” I actually came up with a great list. Wanna hear?

- Life as Mrs. D (didn’t want to label myself as just a wife, I am more than that!)
- Enough
(in association with always feeling like I’m not good enough, funny enough, pretty enough- trying to remind myself that I am enough…)
- Through the Lens
(again. I love photography but I am more than a photographer. Also very cliché)
- Curly Hair Diary
(just to play on my sometimes obnoxious curly hair)
- Let’s Face it, I’m Awesome
(I’m also super sarcastic and thought that may be lost if I just went with that for a title ;)
- Married at 18
(I would NEVER use this but it seems to fascinate people that we got married at 18 and don’t have kids)
- Onyx in a Diamond World (ah how poetic of me! ;)

Ok. I’m done. But no really- the reason I went with ML is because it’s me. All my life I have been someone’s someone (Donna’s daughter, Claire’s sister, Vincent’s wife). I have never really gotten to reinvent myself. There are days where I wish I could just grab my husband, dogs, and stuff and move to a different country just to have a fresh start. Realistically I never will. I love my family way too much to “run away” like that but I’m just saying it would be nice for people to know the 22 year-old me and not revert to the 6 year-old me. I have nothing in my past to hide but it does get redundant after a while when you hear, “my you have grown up! Last time I saw you, you were **lowers hands to signal that I was the size of a small garden gnome** this tall!”

So to you, readers, that don’t know me- if you keep reading, you will. To those that do- I’m still the small girl who spoke too incredibly loud with gawky braces- I’m just a little older and with better things to say ;)

Right now this blog is ML. We will see how long it takes for me to get bored of that...


  1. I love the name Mary Louise! So pretty. Happy I found your blog! newest follower!


    1. Thank you! I am named after my grandmothers :) Welcome!