Sunday, January 1, 2012

let's review, shall we?

Welp here is 2012. Like most people I started thinking about all that happened in the last year and to be real it wasn't a mind-blowing year. Don't get me wrong- amazing things happened to us and I am grateful for where we are but I can't say that 2011 was mind-blowing.

So, in review, the major:
Celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary!

Moved from our first home in Jacksonville back to Columbia. Vincent was medically retired.

Said goodbye to two of my closest girlfriends when their husband's time in the Corps ended

Went to Branson, MO & Eureka Springs for my bestie's wedding

Got my grandpa to church!

Took Nanny to Williamsburg, VA

Welcomed James home from Afghanistan. Was a few minutes late because two days before Osama was killed (yay!) so base security was crazy.Vincent went to see the Braves at Spring Training

Sat in the first row at a Braves game!
I know that God has some amazing plans for us in 2012 and I can't wait! Vincent is going back to FL for Spring Training and I get to go to Iowa and Missouri to see my besties in May. Rocky and Maddi will be turning 4 and we will be celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary. We are in SC and get to see our families more. I have been enjoying my business but am taking some time off to re-define my style and rekindle my love for the art. We are looking for a home church and praying for guidance in this crazy thing called life.

I hope y'all had a great 2011 and that 2012 will bring more blessings!

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  1. aw, I cried! Horrible pic of me, but it was a very sad day... I miss you boo!