Monday, January 9, 2012

happy birthday, dad

I got a little sad today. Today would have been my dad’s 58th birthday. The last birthday I spent with him was 12 years ago and sadly I don’t remember anything about it.

It was probably low-key. Went to dinner with his parents and he probably let my sister or myself pick the place. Probably gave him a gift from “all of us” that my sister and I didn’t really help pick out. He would eat his steak (medium-well!) give his famous smirk when wished ‘happy birthday,’ and then head home to get ready for another Monday.

I’d like to think that he is in heaven having a kick a$$ birthday party. I know God wouldn’t skimp out on him- he can have his filet mignon instead of sirloin and God would actually pick out a gift for him instead of relying on someone else. I bet he has had 11 amazing birthdays in heaven and I doubt this one will be any different.

So instead of bawling my eyes out some more (which yes I have done), I’ve decided to make a list of things I would have gotten him for his birthday. I’ve picked out 12 things- one for each birthday he has celebrated in heaven. My “budget” obviously would have differed year to year but still, this is what I would want to get him if money (or means!) wasn’t an issue. It was bittersweet putting together this list but I hope you enjoy it dad.

1. iPhone 4S. If you knew my dad you knew he LOVED technology. Loved it! I know where I get it from and God bless Vincent for putting up with it. My dad always had the latest, coolest gizmo so it would only be fitting that he’d have an iPhone. If you knew my dad you also know he didn’t own a Mac- but I’m sure if he was still alive I would have converted him already ;) This is the case I would get for it:
2. His own private tour of Williams-Brice. My dad LOVED his Gamecocks! I think he would have loved to have had a chance to stand on the field. My brother-in-law and I had the opportunity in November to walk the field and it was awesome. I’d like to think he was right there with us enjoying it.

3. Private time in the Colonial Life Arena. He loved the Coliseum but I think he would love time to shoot hoops on the court. I'd invite his best friend, Tim, to come and would enjoy watching them soak up every second.

4. Nikon D5100. He loved taking photos. I would get him a D5100 because I obviously couldn’t let him one-up me ;) (and truthfully he could use my D700 anytime he wanted). He loved his manual 35mm Olympus but he was also a penny pincher and would see the value in having all things digital.

5. Dave Ramsey’s book Financial Peace. For the record- my dad was great with money, tight but great. He loved talking money. Even though he probably wouldn’t need any advice or help from Mr. Ramsey, I still think he would enjoy this book.

6. Dinner at Ruth Chris. He loved his steak. Just about every Sunday, after church, we would go to Ryan’s and he would get the SAME thing every time- sirloin, medium-well (yuck!) & sweet tea. I would love to take him out for a nice, yummy steak. Filet mignon on a 500 degree plate? Yes please! But please- cook it rare! ;)

7. A nice watch. Oh pricey, pricey! My dad had the same watch for as long as I can remember. It had 2 time zones on it for when he traveled so he would know what time it was in Columbia at all times. Time to upgrade! (Since this is hypothetical, it’s ok that I picked out the $1,500 one!).

8. Shag lessons. He had a bad knee but my mom has always said she’s like to learn and I think they would both enjoy it very much.

9. MacBook Air. He traveled a lot for business so having something small would probably be awesome. This is the case I would get him:

10. Cross stitch pattern. Man had some patience, let me tell you! He could sit there for hours and hours doing cross stitch! I think he would have enjoyed this pattern:

11. A father-daughter dance. For me and my sister. We never had one and I would love this very much.

12. A getaway for just him and my mom. Just to two of them, all inclusive resort type thing. I think they would have loved that :) Again, since this is what I would like to get him not what I can or can afford, I would go all out… can someone say Bora Bora!?

Happy Birthday Dad! Can’t wait to see you again.

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