Thursday, January 26, 2012

curly hair

If you know me you know I have super curly hair. Not sure where it came from but it’s there and it’s a mess some days (well most days)!
I wasn’t born with curly hair. It was sort of wavy but when I hit puberty it decided to have a mind of its own (which resulted in me wearing my hair in a pony tail most of 6th and 7th grade). It’s not super thick or anything just super curly.
Just so you can see (and because I love, love, love photos) here are some “examples” of my ringlets. The one on the right is me right before I cut off 4 inches. I would have ROCKED and been the envy of all in the 80s!!

I mean don’t get me wrong, most days I love my hair but there are some days where I want to rip my hair out. Every day is different. My hair never dries the same way twice even if I do the SAME EXACT routine. It’s really annoying.
My BIGGEST pet peeve about curly hair is this: If you google curly hair or search for hairstyles 95% of the time the images are of girls who don’t have NATURALLY curly hair. OR when you see those shampoo commercials that rave about how great their product is for curly hair and the model doesn’t have NATURALLY curly hair. To me, it is false advertising and it makes me sad because I know my hair won’t yield the same result.
Apparently, I am not alone! I found a group (thanks to Pinterest) called Curly Hair Problems. I found myself going, “oh my gosh!!!! So true” to just about every post.
Another thing I found, thanks to Pinterest, was the Curly Girl Method (here's the book). Basically, it’s eliminating shampoo from your showering routine. I was a little reluctant because I have literally had the SAME shower routine for 10+ years. Plus I don’t trust a lot of people or “things” with my curls. I have been doing it for about 3 weeks now and it’s not so bad! I think my hair is still in shock from getting a hair cut (first professional one in 3+ years) but I also think it’s liking it (yes. I referred to my hair as an it… don’t judge me! :) Hopefully it will also save me money on products!
Most people don’t understand curly hair. It’s ok, like I said, I didn’t either for a long time. For those that would like to know here are my “tips” or suggestions.
1.       Don’t touch someone’s curls without asking. I mean that’s common curiosity and I think it’s just weird when people start petting me but you would be amazed at how many people touch or ask to touch my hair. It’s cool if you want to pull a ringlet but ask.
2.       Don’t ever “rake” your fingers through curls. OH MY GOSH- biggest no-no. If someone rakes their fingers though curls it becomes this evil ball of frizz and puff. I have to put my hair in a pony tail if someone does it. Curls are so different then wavy or straight hair and you have no idea how annoying it is to style those suckers.
3.       Don’t assume that it will be a gigantic task to straighten. True- it is a pain and probably takes me and hour or so to straighten it (1. Because I’m a perfectionist, and 2. I have to take breaks because it gets hot or my arm starts hurting) but it isn’t impossible.  
4.       True, all I have to do is shower, throw in some mousse, and I am on my way – BUT my curls only last one day. I can’t sleep on them because when I wake up it won’t be pretty (God bless my husband ;).
5.       My hair is SUPER soft and healthy, it just doesn’t look that way because the mouse makes it look crunchy and the fly-aways make it look frizzy. Just because it looks like a big ole mess doesn’t mean it is.
6.  Please don’t remind me how lucky I am, or how much you wish you had curls, or how I’ll appreciate it when I’m older…. I get it. I love that my hair isn’t the “norm” but it’s still a pain. You complain about having no body and not hold curls, I complain about frizz and no control. Always want what you can’t hair. I know I am lucky :)

Now to my curly-haired ladies out there: YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I, too, use a heap of conditioner, spend a ton of money on products, and pray that when it dries it looks presentable. It’s ok, just own it. We have way more options in terms of styling and hey, with the way things work, the 80s styles might make a comeback!

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  1. Valuable curly hair tips..I am very grazy about curly hair...